Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Georges Hobeika

Georges Hobeika joined university as an architecture student eager to learn about art and design. Slowly but surely he found himself attracted to the world of fashion. His first experiences came through visits to his mother’s fashion workshop where he soon found himself creating and fabricating his own designs. His passion confirmed, and Georges flew to Paris in 1994 to hone his design skills at prestigious fashion houses such as Channel. In 1995 Georges returned to his homeland to create his haute couture label. This was soon followed with the opening of his fashion house comprising various specialized workshops fabricating evening gowns, wedding dresses and suits. Georges Hobeika’s first international defilé was in 2001 at the prestigious “Hotel K” in Paris. This was followed by yearly participation in the Paris fashion show and other major European events, including “Naples pour Amnesty International” in Italy, as well as “Caroussel du Louvres”, “Saint James et Albany”, “Ecole des Beaux Arts” and “Grand Hotel” in France. Prestigious figures such as Estelle Lefebure, Zoe Felix, Mia Frye, Cecilia Cara, Julie Depardieu, Elodie Gossuin, Romane Boringer and Judith Godreche embraced his creations. Georges Hobeika’s creations were also worn by models in five Chopard defilés.Today, the world of Georges Hobeika has grown to include boutiques in Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia and the launch of his own brand of prêt a porter “OBK” high-end clothing for younger women with a modern, dynamic lifestyle.

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