Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jad Ghandour Designs $1.5 Million Danasha Luxury Gown

Fashion designer JAD GHANDOUR and DANASHA LUXUARY are set to unveil a luxury dress valued at $1.5 million during Miami International Fashion Week.
The "ultimate red-carpet gown" is set to be worn down the runway by a celebrity model -- the company is still in negotiations - on March 20, but until then it's in the safe hands of two armed security guards. (Hey, you never know when
Winona Ryder might swing by.)
Though the Beirut-based designer is keeping mum about what exactly will comprise the mega-bucks frock, we can expect floaty silver fabric, a belted waistline and fine
diamonds handset in 18-karat gold. Cha-ching!
"Our aim wasn't to just throw diamonds and gold together and call it a '
diamond gown'" Ghandour's design team tell us. "We wanted to create a masterpiece -– a gown that would highlight the finest materials without looking overwrought and costume-y.
"The resulting gown looks nothing short of dazzling -- each detail complements one another perfectly."

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